Species Mortal
Known power None
Status Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Randelle Grenachia
First appearance
Dead Man Dating

Frankie works and hires Phoebe at the Hotel Neptune.

Personal HistoryEdit

Dead Man DatingEdit

Frankie walks Phoebe around the hotel explaining that no other hotel does psychic readings at the bar. Phoebe says that she's a natural born psychic and he doesn't truly believe her but questions her "methods." She tries to explain how her power works and he dismisses her and walks off, believing she's not right for the job. Phoebe grabs his arm and gets a premonition and talks her way through it:

Frankie is having dinner with a blonde gorgeous woman who is all over him. And then some red head shows up and he looks surprised. The red-head is pissed.

Frankie smiles in recognition and hires Phoebe on the spot.

Wondering why Phoebe was not taking care of her customers, Frankie walks over to her table and interrupts Phoebe talking with her sister. He asks what she is doing and she silently tries to tell him to wait just a second. Piper turns to an unseen man and tells him that she and Phoebe are in the middle of having an argument. Frankie looks in the direction in which Piper is talking to but sees no one. Confused, he frustratingly asks who she is and Phoebe interrupts and says that Piper is just leaving. He stands there as Phoebe sits back down and gets back to work.

Frankie calls Phoebe and alerts her to an important guest arriving at the hotel. He tells her that he needs her to come in right as soon as possible. When Phoebe gets to the hotel, Frankie tells her more about the VIP guest and instructs her to make this "bozo's" night by reading his future and telling him something that will make him extend his stay at the hotel. She tells him that she doesn't know if her "psychic switch" will be in the "up position" but he reassures her that he has the upmost confidence in her and that if she keeps up the good work, she will always have a job there. He goes to introduce Phoebe to the guest and she hurries off after a man who left his wallet on the table. Frankie excuses himself and walks towards Phoebe. When Phoebe grabs the forgotten wallet, she is flashed with a premonition. Frankie sees Phoebe jolt and asks if she is alright. She replies back saying it was nothing.