1998Adam Conant (TV Series)Admitting Nurse
AlecAndy TrudeauAradia Crowley
AthameBlack-haired bullyBonnie Bennett
Book of ShadowsBrad KernBrent
Brent's professorBrittany ReynoldsBrown-haired bully
Buckland Auction HouseCarpenterCassie Blake (TV Series)
Charles Meade (TV Series)Chef MooreChris Levinson
ClerkComic:Charmed LivesComic:No Rest for the Wicca
Constance M. BurgeCrystals and Gemstones (The Secret Circle)Cynda
DarleneDarryl MorrisDawn Chamberlain
Diana Meade (TV Series)Dominus TrinusEdithe Swensen
Elderly ManEllen PressmanEpisode:Dead Man Dating
Episode:Dream SorcererEpisode:Feats of ClayEpisode:I've Got You Under My Skin
Episode:Something Wicca This Way ComesEpisode:Thank You For Not MorphingEpisode:The Fourth Sister
Episode:The Truth Is Out There...and It HurtsEpisode:The Wedding From HellEpisode:The Witch Is Back
Episode:Wicca EnvyFaye Chamberlain (TV Series)Frankie
FreezingFritzGary Fargeon
Gil AdlerGods, Goddesses, and Deities (The Secret Circle)Greg Elliot
Guy (I)Halliwell manorHannah Webster
HansHellewise Hearth-WomanHogan
Inline Skater (I)Inline Skater (II)Jack Manford
Jake ArmstrongJane BlakeJavier Grillo-Marxuach
JavnaJeremy BurnsJessalyn
Jim ContnerJohn T. KretchmerKilling Spell
Leo WyattMaeve HarmanMailman
Mark ChaoMarshallMax Jones
Mel DamskiMelinda WarrenMelissa Glaser
Michael PerriconeMrs. ChaoMrs. Correy
NeenaNews ReporterNick Armstrong (TV Series)
Nick CorreyNick MarckPastor Williams
PharmacistPhoebe HalliwellPiper Halliwell
Plants and Herbs (The Secret Circle)PremonitionProtection spell
Prue (Phoebe's daughter)Prue HalliwellPyrokinesis
Pyrokinetic studentQuakeR.W. Ginty
Rex BucklandRichard ComptonRichard Denault
RogerSan FranciscoSeamstress
Serena FredrickSheryl J. AndersonSkye Russell
Spirit BoardSusan TrudeauTelekinesis
Telekinetic studentThe Charmed OnesThe Secret Circle
TiaTony WongVictor's wedding ring
Victor HalliwellWarlockWeasel
Whitaker BermanWiccapedia, the Charmed WikiWitches (Night World)
YamaZack Estrin
File:105 dream sorcerer and skye russell.jpgFile:1x01 bos dominus trinus.jpgFile:1x01 bos in trunk.jpg
File:1x01 bos title page.jpgFile:1x03 bos famous books.jpgFile:1x03 bos killing spell.jpg
File:1x03 bos woodcut picture.jpgFile:9.01 - 00-cover.jpgFile:9.01 - 09-10.jpg
File:Adam.pngFile:Admitting nurse talking to andy and prue.jpgFile:Alec.jpg
File:Alec 02.jpgFile:Amethyst.jpgFile:Andy's alarm clock flying out the window.jpg
File:Athena.jpgFile:Baby prue.jpgFile:Black-haired bully.jpg
File:Black Dahlia.jpgFile:Bonnie.jpgFile:Brent's professor.jpg
File:Brent.jpgFile:Brent about to attack with electricity.jpgFile:Brent creating sparks.jpg
File:Brent generating electricity.jpgFile:Brittany reynolds.jpgFile:Brown-haired bully.jpg
File:Buckland auction house.jpgFile:Calliope.jpgFile:Carnelian.jpg
File:Chalcedony.jpgFile:Charles.pngFile:Charmed ones surrounded by a gust of wind.jpg
File:Charmed soundtrack 2003.jpgFile:Charmed summer 2010 ad triquetra.jpgFile:Charmed title.jpg
File:Chef moore.jpgFile:Chef moore in the kitchen.jpgFile:Chinese amulet.jpg
File:Citrine.jpgFile:Clear Quartz.jpgFile:Clerk.jpg
File:Cynda demonic form.jpgFile:Cynda demonic form 02.jpgFile:Cynda marshall and fritz as birds.jpg
File:Cynda piper shape-shift.jpgFile:Cynda shapeshift.jpgFile:Darlene.jpg
File:Dawn.pngFile:Diana.pngFile:Elderly man.jpg
File:Feverfew.jpgFile:Fire Opal.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Frankie.jpgFile:Fritz.jpgFile:Hannah webster.jpg
File:Hans shirtless.jpgFile:Hazelnuts.jpgFile:Hecate.jpg
File:Hogan 02.jpgFile:Hogan uses rage projection.jpgFile:Inscription on the back of the spirit board.jpg
File:Javna's eyes glow red.jpgFile:Javna's hand aging rapidly.jpgFile:Javna's mirror.jpg
File:Javna's power hitting the mirror.jpgFile:Javna attacks prue.jpgFile:Javna being vanquished.jpg
File:Javna bos page.jpgFile:Javna turning youngFile:Javna uses his power on phoebe.jpg
File:Javna using his power.jpgFile:Jeremy's athame.jpgFile:Jeremy's demon form.jpg
File:Jeremy blows up attic door.jpgFile:Jeremy lights his fingers on fire.jpgFile:Jeremy lights his fingers on fire in front of piper.jpg
File:Jeremy moves chair.jpgFile:Jeremy moves dresser.jpgFile:Jeremy moves ski.jpg
File:Jeremy scares piper with his athame.jpgFile:Jeremy shoots blast of wind out of athame.jpgFile:Jeremy shoots fire out of athame.jpg
File:Jeremy smiles.jpgFile:Jeremy throws fire from his athame.jpgFile:Jeremy with his athame in the manor.jpg
File:Jessalyn.jpgFile:Jessalyn casting spell.jpgFile:Lodestone.jpg
File:Mailman.jpgFile:Mailman finger key shapeshift.jpgFile:Mailman fritz shapeshift.jpg
File:Mailman shapeshifts into andy.jpgFile:Mark smiles.jpgFile:Marshall.jpg
File:Max jones.jpgFile:Melissa.jpgFile:Moonstone.jpg
File:Mrs. correy.jpgFile:Mrs chao.jpgFile:Neena.jpg
File:Neena attacking weasel.jpgFile:Neena uses fire power.jpgFile:Neena uses portal creation power on angel of destiny.jpg
File:News reporter.jpgFile:Nick.jpgFile:Onyx.jpg
File:Paige tk orbs bos.jpgFile:Pastor williams.jpgFile:Peridot.jpg
File:Persephone.jpgFile:Pharmacist talking to phoebe.jpgFile:Phoebe's first premonition.jpg
File:Phoebe's second premonition.jpgFile:Phoebe's third premonition.jpgFile:Phoebe beaming, coop, and baby prue.jpg
File:Phoebe beaming back and coop.jpgFile:Phoebe dad premonition.jpgFile:Phoebe dad premonition (2).jpg
File:Phoebe explains to piper about melinda warren.jpgFile:Phoebe explains to prue about warlocks.jpgFile:Phoebe gets a premonition at quake.jpg
File:Phoebe gets a premonition at the news stand.jpgFile:Phoebe gets a premonition from the pot.jpgFile:Phoebe gets a prmonition from stefan's door handle.jpg
File:Phoebe holding up the word attic.jpgFile:Phoebe in intro.jpgFile:Phoebe marshall shapeshift.jpg
File:Phoebe premonition repeat.jpgFile:Phoebe reads the dominus trinus incantation from the bos.jpgFile:Phoebe saving two innocents.jpg
File:Phoebe tells her sisters about the essentials of magic.jpgFile:Piper and phoebe using the spirit board.jpgFile:Piper and prue flip past the javna bos page.jpg
File:Piper freezes chef moore.jpgFile:Piper freezes jeremy.jpgFile:Piper freezes the kichen in quake.jpg
File:Piper freezes the restaurant.jpgFile:Piper in intro.jpgFile:Piper trying to freeze vines with melinda.jpg
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Prue calls a bottle of asprin to her.jpgFile:Prue calls a bottle of asprin to herself.jpg
File:Prue deflects paint from her at buckland.jpgFile:Prue in intro.jpgFile:Prue makes roger's tie tighten.jpg
File:Prue moves all items off of shelf.jpgFile:Prue moves cream into coffee.jpgFile:Prue moves more asprin bottles off shelf.jpg
File:Prue moves ring.jpgFile:Prue moves the book of shadows.jpgFile:Prue moves the cream.jpg
File:Prue throwing victor.jpgFile:Prue throws javna across the room.jpgFile:Prue throws open stefan's door.jpg
File:Prue tks front door closed.jpgFile:Prue tks jeremy.jpgFile:Prue tks jeremy (2).jpg
File:Prue using telekinesis on the elevator.jpgFile:Pyrokinetic student.jpgFile:Red Jasper.jpg
File:Rex buckland.jpgFile:Ring of fire around the charmed ones.jpgFile:Roger's pen exploding.jpg
File:Roger smiles.jpgFile:Rose.jpgFile:Rose Quartz.jpg
File:Serena's altar.jpgFile:Serena's altar (2).jpgFile:Serena's triquetra tattoo.jpg
File:Serena at her altar.jpgFile:Serena casting her protection spell.jpgFile:Serena casting her protection spell (2).jpg
File:Serena casting her protection spell (3).jpgFile:Serena casting her protection spell (4).jpgFile:Serena casting her protection spell (5).jpg
File:Serena casting her protection spell (6).jpgFile:Serena casts a protection spell.jpgFile:Serena fredrick.jpg
File:Serena lights candle.jpgFile:Serena lights candle (2).jpgFile:Serena lights candle (3).jpg
File:Serena lights candle (4).jpgFile:Serena lights candle (5).jpgFile:Serena lights candle (6).jpg
File:Serena lights candle (7).jpgFile:Serena lights candle (8).jpgFile:Serena lights candle (9).jpg
File:Spirit board.jpgFile:Spirit board - A.jpgFile:Spirit board - C.jpg
File:Spirit board - I.jpgFile:Spirit board - T.jpgFile:Spirit board - T (2).jpg
File:Star Ruby.jpgFile:Stefan's place.jpgFile:Stefan's studio address.jpg
File:Stefan.jpgFile:Stefan in brittany's car.jpgFile:Stefan smiles.jpg
File:Susan smiles.jpgFile:Telekinetic student.jpgFile:The book of shadows during the charmed ones first spell.jpg
File:The charmed ones.jpgFile:The charmed ones 1.03.jpgFile:The charmed ones after they vanquish javna.jpg
File:The charmed ones cast the power of three spell.jpgFile:The charmed ones cast the spell to rid an unwanted lover.jpgFile:The charmed ones grieving.jpg
File:The charmed ones invoking the hand of fatima.jpgFile:The charmed ones picture.jpgFile:The charmed ones toast.jpg
File:The hand of fatima bos page.jpgFile:Thyme.jpgFile:Tia.jpg
File:Tia tied to the table.jpgFile:Tiger's Eye.jpegFile:Tk student with jessalyn casting spell.jpg
File:Tree.jpgFile:Victor's wedding ring.jpgFile:Victor-fritz shapeshift cynda marshall.jpg
File:Victor marshall shapeshift.jpgFile:Vlcsnap-2010-07-01-15h02m52s114.jpgFile:Weasel grabbing neena.jpg

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