Rex Buckland
Rex buckland
Species Demon
Known power Astral Projection
Status Vanquished
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by
Neil Roberts
First appearance
I've Got You Under My Skin

Rex Buckland is Prue's boss at Buckland's Auction House.


I've Got You Under My SkinEdit

Rex helps Prue when she drops her purse in the elevator. He reads over her notes and asks if she works at the auction house. She tells him no, that she was just interviewing. Prue gets a phone call and calls the auction house "stuffy" and "old" which Rex is able to completely overhear. Angered, Prue uses her power to rush the elevator to the top floor. Rex calls her lucky and Prue responds with, "I'm charmed, alright."
Rex awaits his interviewee for the Specialist job and when his secretary introduces Prue he explains to his secretary that the two of them have already met and proceeds to use her words in his welcoming.
Rex interviews Prue for the job and again uses the words in her phone call with Andy against her saying that it was sad she thought she was "totally wrong for the job." Prue stands up, and defends herself as much as possible. Rex apologizes and says that he had just recovered the house from his father and that he's very protective of it. He says that Prue is overly qualified and he especially likes how Prue attracted a younger market with her last job, but says that it is very important to him that whoever he hires truly wants to be there. Rex's secretary beeps in and informs him of his next interview. Prue explains her area of expertise and it impresses him.
Rex calls Prue in for a test run and introduces her to Hannah Webster. After Prue passes his test and deflects paint away from being spilled on her, Rex gives her the job. Prue leaves and Hannah says that she thinks she's a witch.

Dream SorcererEdit

The Wedding From HellEdit

The Truth Is Out There...and It HurtsEdit

The Witch Is BackEdit

Wicca EnvyEdit

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