Weasel grabbing neena
Species Evil being
Known power Unknown
Status Vanquished
Behind the scenes
First appearance
Charmed Lives

Weasel was a short evil being who aided Neena and Hogan. He was murdered in the bar Luscious when he grabbed Neena inappropriately and she attacked him, sending him over the balcony.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Weasel did not display any powers or abilities but had in his possession a map, which showed a secret way to the Underworld.


Comic:Charmed LivesEdit

Weasel walks up behind a female demon who stands with a warlock he recognized from his past. He shoots some obscene line to Neena and as he sells Hogan a map, Weasel grabs Neena's ass. Suddenly, Neena attacks him with a fire-like power which sends him flying over the banister. Weasel laid dead on the ground as beings rushed around him.

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